Partnering with Us

Partnering with our Ministry

You can partner with us by praying for & supporting our ministries and our ministers.  Here's how you can help:

Support a labourer
Every labourer toils in His vineyard faithfully. You can help us by sponsoring a labourer of God with approximately Rs. 5000 per month for a family and Rs. 4000 per month for a bachelor labourer.

Support a Theological Student
We provide free residential education (including food & accomodation) to a theological student. About Rs. 2000 per month will be able to provide for one student's monthly expenses. 

A Child’s Education
You can support for the education of the child of one of the labourers in His Vineyard or a child from the Children's Home. The monthly expense would be approximately Rs. 2000.

A Child's Other Needs
We have a Child Welfare Centre, where we take care of children's education, accomodation and food, most of which is given for free-of-cost. You can sponsor a child for his or her needs, which includes food, clothing, books, health, etc. The monthly expense of each child will be approximately Rs. 3000.

Two wheelers and bicycles
Many of our servants of God endure a lot of hardships to travel to the Vineyards that God has ordained for them. Providing a two-wheeler (motorbike) would be of great help to them. A two wheeler motor-bike can cost up to Rs. 50,000. Mahaneh-Dan provides bicycles to the needy as well. So, if the Lord leads you, we will be grateful if you can contribute about Rs. 5000, which is the approximate cost of a bicycle in India.

We conduct three-day seminars/workshops to encourage the servants of God for their labour, and people, who require guidance and counselling regarding their family-lives. Such events have been very helpful for the delegates, as God has touched and encouraged them to continue under His guidance in this journey called life. The cost of each of these seminars/workshop is close to Rs. 60,000. You can help by providing a part sponsorship or by completely sponsoring these events.

Monthly miscellaneous/Functional needs
There are lots of miscellaneous expenses for our Fellowship each month. You can send donations as God puts in your heart and you can be assured that we'll put it to God-ordained use.

Building Funds
Many of our mission centres are run in rented places, including one of our feeding programmes project. You can help us by either sponsoring for the rent of these places, or by helping us raise funds to purchase a land/building of our own. Do write to us, and we would be happy to give you more details, as the rent and land rates differ from place to place.

You can send the love gifts in favor of “Mahaneh-Dan Fellowship” at the given below address.

Mahaneh Dan Fellowship
Block No A-413/825, Subhash Tekedi,   
Ulhas Nagar, Thane Dist, Mumbai, 
Maharashtra 421004, India.


One of our core values is accountability and transparency. We believe in being faithful towards God, our partners and also to the Government of our beautiful nation. Please find below our Statement of Accounts and our Foreign Contribution Receipt Report.

Foreign Contribution Receipts


FY 2017-18

FY 2016-17

Foreign Contribution Receipt Report FY 2015-16

Audited Financial Statements

FCRA Financial Statements FY 2014-15

Contact Info

Mahaneh Dan Fellowship
Block No A-413/825,
Subash Tekedi,
Ulhas Nager,
Thane Dist, Mumbai,
Maharashtra 421004,